About Tony De Luz

Americana – the nation’s people and pastimes – is captured with a fresh grace by Tony De Luz, an Arizona-based painter and digital artist who hails from Boston. Commissioned private collector vehicles, America’s piers, Las Vegas, Vintage cars, Art Deco hotels, diners, carnivals, neon signage, and landscapes, along with honest portrayals of the folks who people them, benefit by his warm palette and soft but graphic style via gouache, acrylics, and digital techniques. Tony’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in the United States, including the Copley Society of Boston, the Federal Reserve Bank Gallery in Boston, Fort Point Artists’ Community in Boston, Spiritwind Gallery in Sedona, AZ and Raku Gallery in Jerome, AZ. He recently had his first one man show in over twenty years at Eastern New Mexico University’s Runnels Gallery. He has art in private collections all over the US.

Tony’s diverse background encompasses over 30 years’ experience. In the commercial art world, he’s done just about everything. He is recognized as an accomplished watercolor artist, commercial illustrator, graphic designer, business owner and teacher. He has worked in advertising on very successful campaigns for clients such as John Hancock and Hyatt Hotels. In the realm of illustration, Tony has created artwork for the legendary Absolut Vodka campaign and a First-Class postage stamp for the United States Postal Service, among many other highly visible pieces. Ad agency staff experience and a strong background in print production and publishing contribute to the artist’s ability to collaborate with art directors using time-tested skills in conceptualization, drawing, storyboarding and lettering. In addition to his many other artistic pursuits, he works as Design/Production Supervisor at Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde, AZ.